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The things that haunt people in their dreams can be very revealing about the deeper layers of the unconscious.  There are some symbols that can stand for deeply buried notions, forgotten ideas, and untriggered memories.  At times these can be the keys that unlock the door to a major breakthrough in dynamic psychological transformations.  And sometimes, as Freud supposedly has said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

This can absolutely apply to some dreams where there seems to be a very literal interpretation at hand.  If someone is sick, and dreaming about doing the chores they usually do but are unable, then there may be no hidden meaning here at all.  At least, none that needs immediate psychic attention.  It could very well be that the dream is just the mind wanting to do the tasks …

Jan 18
Math Dreams
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The power of the subconscious mind has rarely been questioned, and its mysteries seem to just get deeper.  Over a century after the raw beginnings of psychoanalysis, the purpose of dreams is still very much a contested issue.  People can dream about giving a speech in their underwear, running in slow motion, or doing math problems, and they all can have radically different interpretations. The interpretations are sometimes more telling of the inner life of the interpreter than with the dreamer.  Sometimes dreams can have symbols that speak to an inner life, and occasionally they will be prescriptive, and even prophetic.


Schools of thought on this issue tend to categorize people into two types, analytical and intuitive, and dreams can be seen as extensions of the creative mind or residue of a busy thinker.  One might think that math

Dec 27

Have you been feeling sleep deprived? Well, you are not alone. Many people receive an inadequate amount of sleep every night, and while this might be due to a variety of reasons, the standard consequences are the same. Increased stress levels, reduced concentration, anxiety and memory loss are some of the noticeable effects of a lack of sleep, never minding the more obscure or difficult to trace. While we can all agree on the importance of sleep and the consequences of not getting any, many people will disagree on what happens to our conscious minds while we’re out. Of course we know we dream and have different phases of sleep. But what about topics like astral-projection ? That’s right, out of body experiences. We typically associate these with near death encounters, but how may this be similar and also, what …

Dec 13

Everything in a dream has a meaning.  Every detail that you remember is an important detail.  Dreams are the subconscious trying to tell you something, digging up those buried thoughts and desires and making them rise to your level of attention so they can become conscious.  There’s always so much buried in there that it’s possible to find a hundred different meanings in every dream.  Chances are pretty high that there are plenty of other meanings, too, that will never really come to light, and they all have applications and speak to something important and essential.


When someone is dreaming about something very everyday, then, these quotidian objects take on a heavy burden.  They are inevitably symbols for something, because in dreams (like in the real world), things are rarely what they seem.  Dreaming about your car is a …

Nov 29

It’s not always a question of easy equation between symbol and metaphor when it comes to dream interpretation.  There are plenty of sources that will begin with the assumption that people all over the world dream in a kind of a common language, but if there are any linguistic bases to dreams, then the universal interpretations need to be held at arm’s length.  If the subconscious does speak its own language, it would be entirely reasonable to believe that it does so utilizing all the resources languages use, and this is a combination of image and sound (and occasionally, both).  For any belief to enter into that realm where reason and creed to co-exist, there needs to be a healthy combination of scientific method and spiritual tradition.  Dreams do tend to speak to both the intellectual and the spiritual …

Nov 3

Quality sleep is an essential part of our overall well being and health. Meanwhile, and what most people don’t realize is that our dream life can also affect our overall well being and daily functioning. Some people continue to swear that they don’t dream, though everyone does, and the REM phase of sleep is a fundamental nightly activity. We don’t always remember our dreams, and some people never do, though they are a constant part of our closed eyes hours. An if only we could remember, right down and analyze our dreams on a regular basis, we might be surprised at how much our lives improve and how our individual evolution as humans is enhanced.

This is because, and according to most theories, dreams are manifestations of our life experiences. They are processed through the subconscious and usually articulated through …

Oct 26

It’s not solely the domain of dream interpretation, but it certainly does help to round out a world, to consider signs from multiple perspectives.  Language theory is certainly a very useful tool, and taking it into the dream with you can be entirely Lacanian.  Although his ideas in relation to dreams have not taken the same hold as other psychoanalytic theories, he seems to have more followers every year, as his books continue being reprinted and translated.  More likely, one’s notions of dreams do come from Freud and Jung.  It’s not altogether true that their work is any more comprehensible, but more likely that their view of the material of the mind was more in line with the privileged elites of their time.


It’s filtered down to a very inexact science, then, where reading the meaning of dreams …

Sep 11

Dream interpretation is something that has been around in the popular consciousness for a very long time.  There are some who say it’s a skill, even a science, and others who would put it more firmly in the realm of art.  Others still would hold that it has no use whatsoever, that it’s all based on superstition and magical thinking.  Whatever truths any of these views might hold, there is undoubtedly a strong pull that comes to everyone when they have a dream that’s hard to forget.


Windows in dreams are very common, and have been a symbol that repeats over time and across cultures.  Anyone living in an area where there are windows will likely have a dream with windows in them at some point in their life.  Windows here can be a very broad definition, from looking …

Sep 2

The subject of dream interpretation continues to captivate people from all walks of life. With such a compelling focus on the external reality of the world and commercialized importance on the awake, conscious aspects of life, it is slightly curious that so much attention continues to be placed on the subject of dreams, including their significance and meaning. Of course there are few different perspectives applied to the interest in dreams. Scientists study them for biological relevance as well as possible psychological significance. Psychologists study them for possible insights into the human mind and spirit. And individuals study dreams because undoubtedly, humans are fascinated by themselves and while in some it might be a grandiose search for attention tools, while others are continually searching to better understand themselves, their world and the overall meaning of life. And just as our …

Jun 4

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