Nov 30
Clubbing in Phuket
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Phuket is a dream come true for many people.  It’s the perfect island getaway, offering a taste of the sea that is absolutely splendid.  The rhythms of the surf are truly the stuff of legend, inspiring poets and lovers … Read the rest

Nov 23

Tom and Ray, the two brilliant hosts of Car Talk, take calls each weekend from people trying to figure out the problems with their vehicles.  I was listening to their show last week, and they were just giving … Read the rest

Nov 18

I do not know how to be around children.  I was embarking on a 2 week vacation, a holiday travel to Oahu with my boyfriend and his ten year old daughter, Elli and I was nervous.  I had never … Read the rest

Nov 16

Corporate team building programs are most effective when the activities or the exercises are coordinated with actual work issues and goals.  This integration, when focused, systematic and followed up on, will ensure that the topics to be discussed will … Read the rest