Jan 27

One of the things that I absolutely love about downtown Glendale is all of the antique and specialty shops. It feels like you ‚ „ ve stepped back to a time where people strolled along the street enjoying the day just window shopping along the way rather than being crammed into a giant building where you can hardly hear because the noise and people are so loud and all the stores care about is whether you buy something. On top of that you know you can always find some unique hand-made treasure that you know you will never find anyplace else.
If opening a store is your calling and a calm relaxing experience is what you desire for your customers, than what you need is a specialty shop. One of the first steps to creating your own specialty shop is deciding what types of products you will sell. Your best bet is to come up with something unique but not too off the wall that no one would ever shop there. Once you have a business plan in hand you can begin to look for a location.
They always say the key to real-estate is location, location, location. This is especially true of specialty shops. The area you choose can really make or break your business. Transglobe property management can help you find commercial property to rent in area that will help your business to succeed. With diversity of properties that Transglobe property management has available you are sure to find the ideal location in time.
Opening day is very important for any business. The key to having a successful opening is advertising. While staying within your budget is important, you can’t do too much advertising. Offer, and advertise, special deals and coupons to help entice customers in.
Once your shop in up and running, you will be another part of keeping our history alive and reminding us of the past.

Jan 21

Lady Gaga might have a good Poker Face but it probably would be no match for the Las Vegas Law casinos throw down in the city of sin. Many singers have come and gone through the city, some only as novelty acts that lasted a few months with whatever smoke and mirrors they brought with them and their entourage, others as stupendously successful acts that lasted for months and even years with all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood clotted into just a solitary theatre on the strip. Celine Dion and Bette Midler are a few of the artists who rolled the die and had it come out in their favor show after show after show.

However, it is a different kind of show back stage where an acquaintance of mine works. Though I only work in the casinos as a card grunt, shuffling cards in complicated patterns and tricky combinations to distract the losing patrons from packing up leaving with the rest of their money, the amateur magician in me sees something kind of magical in the things this guy does back stage.

His name is Antoine. He is French and comes from a long line of French entertainers. He is so entertaining that I have hard time telling the difference from the reality of his past the lovely lies he tells to fill in the gaps and crevices in between his stories. Those fill-ins are usually only there because he wants to cover up the uglier part so his story that he doesn’t want me to hear. Like about his mother died when he was ten. He claimed it was in a trapeze accident where when she flew up in the air, she could not stop falling up. I knew the truth was probably that she could not stop falling down.

He is not just a magician in his story telling art. He also knows how to make a stage shine. He helps to light the stage in reds and yellows and blues in the same bright hues of the Bicycle playing cards that we use at the tables. He knows how to make a shimmer appear across the stage at the right time so it appears as if the light is sighing with the audience. Perhaps most importantly he knows how to read an audience knows what to give them. I know that’s why the story about his mother’s death has ten different versions.