Feb 27

Harrisburg is the capital city of Pennsylvania, and is located in the South Central region of the state.  At one time, Harrisburg was a small town, an outpost for the ferries going up and down the Susquehanna River.  However, now it is a bustling metropolis, a center for this regions cultural and arts communities, a lively downtown with many hotels, restaurants, theatres and museums.  This is all while retaining the congenial and the “homey” aspect of the smaller town it used to be.

This can be felt walking through any neighborhood, felt and smelled in the air as backyard barbecues and park picnics are extremely common in the summertime months.  Paddle boat tours in the Susquehanna offer a different view and a different perspective, on the city as it is now, and on the way that life along that river had been in the past.  The ‘do it yourself-ers’ may enjoy renting one of the other forms of river transportation such as a jet ski, canoe or kayak.  This is a great way to get to City Island and enjoy the many arts and culinary festivals, especially the famous Pennsylvania Chili Contest and Cookout.  Adults and children alike, will find that a day spent at the City Island Puppet theatre to be a day of imagination and wonder.

The music of Harrisburg is one that speaks the many different dialects and languages of the world of music.  Outdoor summer concerts along Susquehanna offer everything from classical to live jazz.  The Central Pennsylvania Friends of Jazz,  bring in various artists and the venues for located in the city are just as varied as the music they bring in.  The Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra is world renown and will often times have soloists from other orchestras and other countries in for a performance or a run of performances.

Just as vast as the selection of music venues, is the number of museums and galleries.  But art in Harrisburg is not limited to buildings with four walls, for many times artists set up right on the sidewalks and sell their work in the grass roots style.  Whatever your artistic desire may be, you will most definitely find it in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Feb 22

These days it seems that many of the people you talk to, have their creditors or lenders on speed dial. It is a sign of the times and the economic situation in many countries around the world. A creditor is simply the one to refer to when it is necessary to take out a loan. Payday loans are becoming more popular as they are approved rather quickly either online or over the telephone, and the money is deposited into the borrowers checking account, in most cases, within twenty four hours. This is very convenient for the times that are not so convenient, such as the hot water heater exploding or an unexpected visit to the doctor’s office, a few days before payday.

For the last few years, many people have found it necessary to borrow money in order to provide themselves and their families with the basic essentials of life. And as history has proven, when there is a need, there will be a supply. The United States government found it necessary to step in, and to make laws, regulations, and policies to protect the ordinary citizen from being taken advantage of. This is what is known now, as the Truth in Lending Act. This applies not only to lenders, but to the credit card companies as well. When considering taking out a payday loan, be certain that the company or the lender you are dealing with is reputable and has consented to the policies of transparency, or in other words, are simple telling you the complete and honest truth.

In order ensure this, the borrower must be well informed. They must make certain that there are no hidden fees or costs and they must look for the loan with the lowest interest rate. Payday loans help. They provide quick solutions to immediate financial problems or challenges. In order to become fully aware of one’s options, one source of information is not enough. It is best to check online for reviews provided by previous customers, as well as to thoroughly investigate the reports provided by the government and by the Better Business Bureau. The payday loans will ensure that your immediate circumstances will be rectified, giving you many more options to continue planning for your future .

Feb 16

Georgia keeps getting cooler all the time.  Not that it needs any help, or excuses, since it’s always been one of the more interesting places in the country.  There’s a very diverse population, with a fascinating history, and it seems like it’s always been ripe for seeing new works of live art.  This coming season, one of the more exciting events, which will likely fill Georgia’s hotels with interesting rock and rollers form all over, is the Pink Floyd Experience.  The show has a pretty big price tag, but from all the reviews and the word of mouth, it’s definitely worth the cost of the ticket.

Seeing this in Atlanta will also be another boost to the value of the show, since the music community here is very open, but at the same time immensely discerning.  That’s exactly the kind of crowd this show needs, with its amazing special effects, and complex music that changed the way we listen to rock.  Pink Floyd itself is a spectacularly interesting story, with lots of strange and sudden changes, and a lot of loss.  They’ve singularly raised the bar on the idea of concept albums, taking the cue from the Who and pushing it to new extremes.  One of the long-times themes of the band, madness, has worked its way into a lot of the work, and it makes for interesting stories for the next generation.

Pink Floyd’s earliest clues that madness would haunt the band came from its magnetic front man Syd Barrett.  He could not hold onto the chord keeping him in this world, and he left the band after creating music that moved rock into the realm of art.  The Wall, one of their most successful works, was based in part on him, and turned out to be excellent fodder for fans who felt uneasily on this side of sanity themselves.  The original members aren’t playing in the Pink Floyd Experience, but the ones who are playing tribute to them have got the sounds down solid, and carry an enormous passion for the music.  It will be a night to remember for a long time to come.