Aug 26

Hong Kong is an extremely dynamic city that presents a great progressive contemporary atmosphere, while also maintaining a strong sense of tradition and cultural heritage. Honoring the past is part of the culture, though clinging to it is not. This is evident in a number of the performance art establishments in the city, and popular entertainment is representative of both traditional customs as well as cutting edge performance genres.

The theatre scene is one of the thriving arts scenes and there are productions that represent theatre customs from around the world and through various historic eras. Productions of Shakespeare, Broadway musicals and the latest cutting edge comedies and dramas are all part of the performance scene of Hong Hong. And Cantonese opera is a favorite for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. And some of these performance companies are among the best in the world.

Many of the great hotels in Hong Kong also serve as tremendous resources for finding popular attractions or helping to make decisions about specific productions. In addition to some of the great theatrical productions music and dance are a large part of the culture. Festivals take place throughout the year that honor traditions from around the world and the Salsa Festival is one of the most popular in the city. It takes place for an entire week and features great performances as well as the chance to learn the art with a professional instructor.

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