Nov 24

It’s a toss up whether virtual or mobile will be the word of the new decade. They are certainly the words of the year for 2010. Everyone is doing everything they can to “go virtual” or “be mobile” and that applies to companies as well as individuals and organizations. In fact, companies are combining the two by investing in cloud computing technologies.

The cloud — which may be a close runner up for the word of the year — is cyberspace itself and more and more companies are locating their computer storage, processing and software programs in the cloud. This frees them from having to buy costly servers and storage space. It also cuts back on the costs of installing and upgrading individual software applications to each computer. All this also means that they no longer need to maintain large server rooms and IT staffs to keep everything in working order. Instead they rely on cloud collaboration enterprises for the products, upgrades and maintenance of their computing needs.

With all their computing infrastructure located in virtual space , companies are able to offer unprecedented flexibility to their employees. Anyone with the proper logins and passwords can access company servers, databases, and software using a laptop, netbook or even smart phone — depending on the processing speeds and memory required. Employees can work from home or on the road without losing access to a single file, program, or piece of data that would be available to them in the office. Virtual computing makes mobile work so much easier.