May 26

Sometimes people go overboard in home design. They want something that is rich and elegant and so they choose heavy textures and colors and end up with a design that is so thick it practically suffocates anybody who sits in the room. What they need to remember is that simple is usually better. The rule that when getting dressed one should remove one accessory before leaving the house applies to everything from room accents to window treatments .

There are a lot of different ways to create a simple, yet stunning window treatment for a room. A basic shade can have a hand painted design added to it to catch the eye. Plain curtains can be accented with a colorful valance or elaborate cornices. Matching the color of the blinds or drapes to the neutral colors in the room design will make the windows blend into the room, which allows another part of the design to be the focal point, such as a fireplace or rug.

The strategic use of window blinds can also be effective in designing an eye catching room. Blinds no longer have to be simple white vinyl. They come in a variety of colors, textures, and even patterns that can suit any style of decorating without requiring elaborate dressing or accessories.

May 20

The old adage about watching the pennies so that the dollars take care of themselves has been proven by the recent economic recession. So many individuals made bad decisions about their personal finances with regard to credit and mortgages which were then compounded, or even encouraged by, financial institutions that it just snowballed its way upward until the entire country and then the world had to face the consequences.

Financial responsibility has to begin at the individual level. It is hypocritical to call lawmakers and corporations to task when individuals aren’t willing to act responsibly. A good place to start is by treating home ownership as a privilege rather than a right.

Purchasing a home is a major investment. Buyers should fully understand the terms of their mortgage and the consequences of failing to live up to their end of the agreement. They should make use of Mortgage Calculators to determine how much of a mortgage they can realistically afford instead of guestimating figures or worse, manipulating them to turn out the way they want. The idea that they can stretch their money in order to afford the house they want is what led to so many foreclosures in the recent housing crisis.

This idea of making a realistic housing budget and sticking to it can then be applied to other parts of life. Food, car, retirement, entertainment, schooling — people need to be cognizant of how much things really cost and how much money they really have. Then and only then will they be able to make responsible choices about what to buy.

May 13

You do not want to overlook the importance of purchasing travel insurance when you are getting ready for an international trip. Sure, it’s far more glamorous to plan what landmarks to visit and peruse luxury resorts, but you also need to figure out if you want to buy TATA AIG travel insurance or some other policy.

The wide range of travel insurance policies available can be confusing. The better companies are going to make your job easier by offering you the chance to search for only those policies that fit your needs. You just need to be aware of the basics of travel insurance before you start looking, otherwise you will waste a lot of time on policies that match your circumstances..

There are two basic components to travel insurance. The most important is health coverage. This will provide for medical treatment in foreign hospitals and clinics. Without it, you may have a very hard time obtaining treatment for a broken bone, dental emergency, or when you try to replace a lost prescription. The other part provides coverage for travel disasters and emergencies. This covers things like lost passports and luggage as well as travel delays and even insurance for terrorist acts.

Make a few notes about your own condition before you begin shopping. Are you traveling alone or with a spouse or even children? Is the trip for pleasure, work, school, or some other purpose? Will you be visiting one country or many? How long will your trip be? Each of these factors will affect what type of insurance you need and how much your policy will cost. Other factors to note include age of travelers and existing medical conditions.