Jun 4

Unless you regularly buy rings, you probably don’t know your own ring size. Before you start shopping for tungsten rings online, you are going to need to find out what size you wear.

Most jewelers will have sizers available when you buy from them. You will try each size on until you find the one that fits. The problem with this is that your size is taken at one time. Hands and fingers swell and contract slightly throughout the course of a normal day, so you need to take your size more than once in order to make sure you have the correct fit.

Some online jewelers will offer paper or plastic sizers that you can get through the mail. You will want to measure your finger at its normal daily temperature and then at night before you go to bed, the time that you would remove the ring. You can also measure your finger with a measuring tape, you will just need to be sure that you get an accurate measurement to the smallest possible fraction. It can then be compared to a sizing chart by the jeweler.

Whatever system you use, you should be sure to relax your hand fully. When using a sizer , put it on your hand and pull to see if your finger develops bulges on above or below the sizer. You should also push the sizer up from the underside of your finger. If there is a small air space between the top of your finger and the sizer, it is the correct size. If the sizer slides too easily back over your knuckle it may be too big. A correctly sized ring will slide on easily but should show some resistance to coming off.