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The subject of dream interpretation continues to captivate people from all walks of life. With such a compelling focus on the external reality of the world and commercialized importance on the awake, conscious aspects of life, it is slightly curious that so much attention continues to be placed on the subject of dreams, including their significance and meaning. Of course there are few different perspectives applied to the interest in dreams. Scientists study them for biological relevance as well as possible psychological significance. Psychologists study them for possible insights into the human mind and spirit. And individuals study dreams because undoubtedly, humans are fascinated by themselves and while in some it might be a grandiose search for attention tools, while others are continually searching to better understand themselves, their world and the overall meaning of life. And just as our eyes seem to be the window to our souls, dreams seem to be the message. Coupon codes for Next Day Blinds are excellent for re-furbishing your home, how do we unlock the secret to ourselves?

Sweet Home Under White Clouds By Jose Moraes

So, do dreams hold the key? Many people think so and believe that tap directly into not only our own unconsciousness but the collective consciousness of the human species. Carl Jung was an influential Swiss psychiatrist who initiated a tremendous impact on dream interpretation and symbolic associations. He was one of the original pioneers in collective consciousness thinking and his theories remain extremely influential and profound today. The Myers-Briggs psychometric tool is just one example of a contemporary psychological instrument that was directly influenced by and developed from Jung’s work. Much of Jung’s theories are heavily based in mythological archetypes, which he believes for standard psychological symbolic archetypes.


One of the areas in dream interpretation that Jung differed from some popular perspectives is that he strongly believed that a dream’s meaning was specific to the individual, though the symbology could be related to archetypal associations. Meanwhile, there are other dream interpretation theories that believe certain elements in dreams always mean the same or a variation of similar meanings. For instance, dreaming about a cat can represent independence in the dreamer and the specifics of the dream and situation with the cat can influence the interpretation. A sick or injured cat might signify and aspect of life one has overlooked. Dreaming of flying is one of the favorite dreams for most people. And for good reason. A common interpretation of flying represents a sense of freedom and transcendence from one’s physical and emotional issues. It’s much easier to re-design your home with Next Day Blinds than it is to interpret your dreams, though both will make an impact on your happiness and well being.

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