Sep 11

Dream interpretation is something that has been around in the popular consciousness for a very long time.  There are some who say it’s a skill, even a science, and others who would put it more firmly in the realm of art.  Others still would hold that it has no use whatsoever, that it’s all based on superstition and magical thinking.  Whatever truths any of these views might hold, there is undoubtedly a strong pull that comes to everyone when they have a dream that’s hard to forget.


Windows in dreams are very common, and have been a symbol that repeats over time and across cultures.  Anyone living in an area where there are windows will likely have a dream with windows in them at some point in their life.  Windows here can be a very broad definition, from looking out of a hole in a cave, or dreaming about being locked in the NextDayBlinds Rockville MD showroom after hours.  Interpretations of either dream can be widely varied.  For people who are looking into dream interpretation for the very first time, there is often a mistaken notion that symbols have set meanings.  But anyone who has spent time looking into the nature of the unconscious begins to understand that meanings do change across cultures.


The most common understanding of window dreams involves seeing the house as a metaphor for the body.  Usually the window is connected to the eyes of the dreamer, because the eyes are considered to be the mirrors to the soul.  Here, looking through, or being surrounded by Rockville Next Day Blinds would suggest a shift in perspective, or that the dreamer is learning how to see things in a new way, blocking out things that are unnecessary, or opening up to see more pleasant surprises just around the corner.


Windows can also have connections to issues of vulnerability.  Like a door, a window allows other people to glimpse inside, and can also allow a passage, or an escape.  And like a door, a window does allow travel in both directions.  They can also relate to clarity, and in contemporary culture this is a likely interpretation, because of the common attitudes toward cleanliness in general.  There are, however, many more possible interpretations, and these all depend on the other details of the dream, and certainly the details in the dreamer’s life at the moment.  At the end of the day, windows are as mysterious as people are, and shades and blinds in dreams, just like in the waking world, serve to enhance their charm and mystery.

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