Oct 26

It’s not solely the domain of dream interpretation, but it certainly does help to round out a world, to consider signs from multiple perspectives.  Language theory is certainly a very useful tool, and taking it into the dream with you can be entirely Lacanian.  Although his ideas in relation to dreams have not taken the same hold as other psychoanalytic theories, he seems to have more followers every year, as his books continue being reprinted and translated.  More likely, one’s notions of dreams do come from Freud and Jung.  It’s not altogether true that their work is any more comprehensible, but more likely that their view of the material of the mind was more in line with the privileged elites of their time.


It’s filtered down to a very inexact science, then, where reading the meaning of dreams has the same complexity that it had before the revolutions of the 19th century.  Guides to dream symbols based on local folk wisdom are just as valid today as they ever were, and it is one of the more challenging things, then, to find interpretations that are in line with one’s own particular place in culture and history.  Most of us are unable to recognize our place in the world while we are living.  It’s also very difficult to provide a truly reasonable interpretation, when some dreams have a literal meaning that is more urgent than any symbolic weight.  Obvious meanings are often the last ones considered.

Vehicle dreams, for example, are given resonance in any culture that has a vehicle.  This would mean, then, that anyone familiar with the wheel might be a subject for a vehicle dream, and meanings will certainly shift over time and place just as much as they would stay the same.  The dreamer might be thinking about buying custom tires at Hot Rod Hanks, as well as worrying about taking on too many responsibilities at once.  Valid interpretations might certainly run along the lines of seeing the dream as a reflection of the dreamer’s lack of control, and sense of poweressness in the world.  But it just might be that they are preoccupied with http://www.hotrodhanks.com because they need wheels for their car, and nothing more than that.  In these cases, where the interpretation is entirely literal, it is wise to consider Jungian notions of the self.  For him, the literal was also entirely metaphorical, where dream life and waking life were not mutually exclusive, and everything was always infinitely more layered than anyone could ever imagine.  Even in their wildest dreams.