Dec 13

Everything in a dream has a meaning.  Every detail that you remember is an important detail.  Dreams are the subconscious trying to tell you something, digging up those buried thoughts and desires and making them rise to your level of attention so they can become conscious.  There’s always so much buried in there that it’s possible to find a hundred different meanings in every dream.  Chances are pretty high that there are plenty of other meanings, too, that will never really come to light, and they all have applications and speak to something important and essential.


When someone is dreaming about something very everyday, then, these quotidian objects take on a heavy burden.  They are inevitably symbols for something, because in dreams (like in the real world), things are rarely what they seem.  Dreaming about your car is a very common dream, because it is a common activity, and to remember it in detail means that there’s something else going on.  We’ll soon see that a dream about driving a car with toyo tires can pack quite a punch.


It’s a good idea to start big, then, and work down to smaller details.  A car is an extension of one’s own home, being the thing that carries us when we’re not sleeping.  A house in a dream is usually some kind of representation of the self.  It can be an extension of one’s own body, or even an extension of the entire family line.  The car, then, is another version of the self.  It’s very likely that everything in a dream is an extension or representation of the self in some way.  For cars, however, the dreams are usually suggestive of two things: movement, or the lack of it.  Most car dreams can be interpreted to be important messages about how one’s life is moving, forward, backward, or stopped.


Car tire dreams, then, taking the metaphors further, can be representative of the kinds of tracks and traces one leaves behind.  In this way they can be seen to be suggesting that the dreamer is somewhere in the past.  However, there are other interpretations.  The tires can be symbols of status, images of prestige, or some other representation of the ego and power.  That’s a logical reflection of the outer world, after all. Cooper tires are iconic of status and engineering.  In the inner world of dreams, it’s not surprising that they have similar functions, and offer more to think about than can meet the eye.





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