Dec 27

Have you been feeling sleep deprived? Well, you are not alone. Many people receive an inadequate amount of sleep every night, and while this might be due to a variety of reasons, the standard consequences are the same. Increased stress levels, reduced concentration, anxiety and memory loss are some of the noticeable effects of a lack of sleep, never minding the more obscure or difficult to trace. While we can all agree on the importance of sleep and the consequences of not getting any, many people will disagree on what happens to our conscious minds while we’re out. Of course we know we dream and have different phases of sleep. But what about topics like astral-projection ? That’s right, out of body experiences. We typically associate these with near death encounters, but how may this be similar and also, what does it mean? People spend millions of dollars on sleep aid products, it would be great if one day you could check the Money Mutual video channel to buy a ticket to the astral-plane.

The very idea of leaving one’s own body, particularly while during sleep, causes fear and distress to many people. Others will write it off as a sacrilege or witchcraft. Those people would have to be attached to a particular mythology themselves and relatively unwilling to see beyond. Astral-projection has spiritual beliefs at its core, and is not a demonic or evil practice. Nor is it intended to hurt or curse other people. Of course there are also atheists who believe that it might be an altered state of consciousness related to the sleep process itself , drug use, illness and other secular activities. One of the frequently asked questions, as well as greatest concerns about it, is if it’s possible to become completely detached from your body and then never make it back. That’s a logical curiosity when exploring the topic and it’s natural to have some concerns.

The majority of the studies, at least the ones that are popularly supported and funded, that relate to sleep deal with the physiological aspects of it. What happens to our soul simply cannot be scientifically tested and is not appropriate to medical research. However, there are alternative funding sources found on the company video page , if you’d like to conduct your own research. You may want to explore the practice yourself first, learn about it and decide if it is something you’d like to explore. And if you’re worried about potential sinful or negative associations to it due to your religion, keep in mind that major books of world religions, including Islam and Christianity refer to the practice in a positive light. And while traveling while you sleep might be less expensive than an air plane ticket, it does take a different type of preparation. And you will definitely want to leave your bags, or should I say baggage, behind.

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