Feb 13


The things that haunt people in their dreams can be very revealing about the deeper layers of the unconscious.  There are some symbols that can stand for deeply buried notions, forgotten ideas, and untriggered memories.  At times these can be the keys that unlock the door to a major breakthrough in dynamic psychological transformations.  And sometimes, as Freud supposedly has said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

This can absolutely apply to some dreams where there seems to be a very literal interpretation at hand.  If someone is sick, and dreaming about doing the chores they usually do but are unable, then there may be no hidden meaning here at all.  At least, none that needs immediate psychic attention.  It could very well be that the dream is just the mind wanting to do the tasks it usually does, and since it’s unable to do them during the day, it happens at night.  Habit is a very big part of the unconscious, because that particular image machine seems to like repetition, just as much as the waking consciousness does.


This is always a good place to start when wondering about repetitive and obsessive dreams about money.  Recurring dreams do speak of a preoccupation of some kind, and sometimes they are trying to get one’s attention.  Sometimes the hidden message is right on the surface, however.  If one is dreaming over and over about money concerns, and about going to websites like www.MoneyMutualTV.com, then the message here can be quite literal.  There is worry about money, and the mind is offering its own solution.


Dreams about money or banks can definitely have more obscure meanings.  But they are usually related to the same kinds of issues that can be resolved in a very literal way.  If they play out every night as if it were a list of the same complaints one is telling oneself during the waking hours, then it’s simply a matter of taking an action of some kind.  Doing something proactive during the waking hours to take financial pressure off will eventually make the dreams go away.  Even in the most difficult of circumstances, small actions are the key to making a situation better.  Helplessness is always a way of making the obsessive part of the persona come to life.


What is particularly interesting about money dreams, however, is that there is a symbolism that plays very well into the language of the unconscious.  Money is already a symbol for something else.  The dollar bill is a note that used to represent gold, and now the gold it represents is symbolic.  So there is a rich and complex language being spoken in dreams about money.  They are quite ethereal, and while they certainly can be references to issues of security and social status, chances are also very high that these meanings are also there in the waking mind.

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