Dec 13

Everything in a dream has a meaning.  Every detail that you remember is an important detail.  Dreams are the subconscious trying to tell you something, digging up those buried thoughts and desires and making them rise to your level of attention so they can become conscious.  There’s always so much buried in there that it’s possible to find a hundred different meanings in every dream.  Chances are pretty high that there are plenty of other meanings, too, that will never really come to light, and they all have applications and speak to something important and essential.


When someone is dreaming about something very everyday, then, these quotidian objects take on a heavy burden.  They are inevitably symbols for something, because in dreams (like in the real world), things are rarely what they seem.  Dreaming about your car is a very common dream, because it is a common activity, and to remember it in detail means that there’s something else going on.  We’ll soon see that a dream about driving a car with toyo tires can pack quite a punch.


It’s a good idea to start big, then, and work down to smaller details.  A car is an extension of one’s own home, being the thing that carries us when we’re not sleeping.  A house in a dream is usually some kind of representation of the self.  It can be an extension of one’s own body, or even an extension of the entire family line.  The car, then, is another version of the self.  It’s very likely that everything in a dream is an extension or representation of the self in some way.  For cars, however, the dreams are usually suggestive of two things: movement, or the lack of it.  Most car dreams can be interpreted to be important messages about how one’s life is moving, forward, backward, or stopped.


Car tire dreams, then, taking the metaphors further, can be representative of the kinds of tracks and traces one leaves behind.  In this way they can be seen to be suggesting that the dreamer is somewhere in the past.  However, there are other interpretations.  The tires can be symbols of status, images of prestige, or some other representation of the ego and power.  That’s a logical reflection of the outer world, after all. Cooper tires are iconic of status and engineering.  In the inner world of dreams, it’s not surprising that they have similar functions, and offer more to think about than can meet the eye.





Oct 26

It’s not solely the domain of dream interpretation, but it certainly does help to round out a world, to consider signs from multiple perspectives.  Language theory is certainly a very useful tool, and taking it into the dream with you can be entirely Lacanian.  Although his ideas in relation to dreams have not taken the same hold as other psychoanalytic theories, he seems to have more followers every year, as his books continue being reprinted and translated.  More likely, one’s notions of dreams do come from Freud and Jung.  It’s not altogether true that their work is any more comprehensible, but more likely that their view of the material of the mind was more in line with the privileged elites of their time.


It’s filtered down to a very inexact science, then, where reading the meaning of dreams has the same complexity that it had before the revolutions of the 19th century.  Guides to dream symbols based on local folk wisdom are just as valid today as they ever were, and it is one of the more challenging things, then, to find interpretations that are in line with one’s own particular place in culture and history.  Most of us are unable to recognize our place in the world while we are living.  It’s also very difficult to provide a truly reasonable interpretation, when some dreams have a literal meaning that is more urgent than any symbolic weight.  Obvious meanings are often the last ones considered.

Vehicle dreams, for example, are given resonance in any culture that has a vehicle.  This would mean, then, that anyone familiar with the wheel might be a subject for a vehicle dream, and meanings will certainly shift over time and place just as much as they would stay the same.  The dreamer might be thinking about buying custom tires at Hot Rod Hanks, as well as worrying about taking on too many responsibilities at once.  Valid interpretations might certainly run along the lines of seeing the dream as a reflection of the dreamer’s lack of control, and sense of poweressness in the world.  But it just might be that they are preoccupied with because they need wheels for their car, and nothing more than that.  In these cases, where the interpretation is entirely literal, it is wise to consider Jungian notions of the self.  For him, the literal was also entirely metaphorical, where dream life and waking life were not mutually exclusive, and everything was always infinitely more layered than anyone could ever imagine.  Even in their wildest dreams.

Apr 2

You may think that buying expensive goodyear tires with a great performance rating is all you need to do to keep yourself and your passengers safe, but that’s not the case. There are two basic factors that play an important role in whether the tires on your car are safe or not. The first is tire pressure and the second it tire tread. Both as equally as important and should be checked regularly to reduce the risk of accidents.

Tire pressure is easily checked by appropriate use of a tire gauge. Each model and size of tires is going to have a different approved pressure . This figure is printed directly on the tires themselves and measured in terms of PSI (pounds per square inch). Tires should always be inflated to the proper PSI. This will ensure that the tires will perform properly and should also help the vehicle achieve better gas mileage.

When checking a car’s wheels and tires for pressure and damage, drivers should also do a quick check of the tread. When the tread falls below fifty percent, the tires begin to lose performance. Once the tread is completely worn off, driving on the tires extremely dangerous. It is recommended that tires be replaced before this happens. Some tires have a tread indicator to warn drivers when it’s time to buy new tires while others will need to have their tread measured to make sure it is within recommended depth, usually above 2/32 of an inch

Mar 21

For anyone who’s either been on the road on two wheels, or spent time driving behind a biker for an extended period, the noise issue has at least crossed the mind. It goes into the arguments about horns as well as pipes. There are some bikers who swear that loud pipes are absolutely necessary for a safe ride, and there are others who say it doesn’t really matter. Whether or not horns are in the same category as pipes might be another debate altogether, but the common factor, of course, is noise.

It’s difficult to know for sure whether or not a loud horn will keep a rider out of the services of a motorcycle accident injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale can provide. There are too many subtle factors at play, and that’s true for any accident. This means that there are cases where gunning the pipes and laying on the horn didn’t stop the forces from colliding. There have also been plenty of cases when a loud horn has put the other driver on guard enough to prevent something bad from happening. Like anything involving motorcycles, there are some common sense things at play. It’s always good common sense to assume one is not visible, and it’s also good to assume the same about audibility, and to ride accordingly.

Mar 2

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten in my life came from my Grandmother. I was in a situation that I was not sure how to deal with, and I was a bit stressed out, when she told me over the phone, to “just breath” . This was not coming from a woman who spent time in yoga classes, her advice pre-dates the yoga craze, peaceful speak. This was advice from a woman who had lived a life, and who knew how it felt to be overwhelmed by that life from time to time.

My situation was that I need to find a new place to live . And moving can be stressful enough on it’s own, but I was dealing with the fact that my beloved dog had just died, I was splitting up with my boyfriend, and my move was not simply to a
new apartment , it was a cross county move to be made in a Chevy Blazer with 200,000 miles on the odometer. Moving during the best of times is stressful, and when major life changes are occurring, that stress can add up. when you move because you have to move, it is a completely different experience from the one in which you move because you want to move. At this time it is best to take note of just what you really need to bring with you.

I looked through my things, and gave away those which I hadn’t used in the past year. This cut down the load for my Blazer quite a bit. I called my grandmother a few times while I was packing, just to hear her voice and to consider the various things that I thought I “needed”. Turns out though, in the end all I did really need to do, was just breath, like she said. I drove the Chevy across the country, from Chicago to Phoenix, and I made in one piece, breathing the entire way.

Nov 23

Tom and Ray, the two brilliant hosts of Car Talk, take calls each weekend from people trying to figure out the problems with their vehicles.  I was listening to their show last week, and they were just giving all around advice on how to go about fixing your car at home.  Home automotive repair is an attractive option for many people, as they learn a bit more about their own car, and save a bit of money in the process.  The first thing the two said was that for novice home car repair person, they should not have the goal of fixing their car, that their goal should be to walk away unharmed, with all their fingers in the right places, to not accidentally blow anything up and to not break something that was not broken at the same time you fix what is.  They are hilarious in the way they phrase their common sense.  But this is an issue to take care with, as the parts of a car engine can be dangerous if you are unaware of just how they operate.

If you are working any car, such as a Ford Mustang or Ford Explorer, repair manual should always be close at hand.  This will outline the engine and show you how to do the simple maintenance and fix it jobs.  Tom and Ray also advice the new mechanic to start with the simple things.  By doing all of the simple repairs first you will gain the eventual understanding of the engine and the tools, which will one day allow you to do those more intensive repairs.  But to start with the tougher repairs first is setting yourself up for frustration, and puts you and your car at risk.  Some of the repairs they suggest to begin with, are exactly the ones that I began with, such as switching out my windshield wipers, changing a head light, a tail light and my car battery.  Now for me personally, this is really all I want to do on my car by myself, but for many people this is just the beginning of a life long endeavor.