Nov 24

It’s a toss up whether virtual or mobile will be the word of the new decade. They are certainly the words of the year for 2010. Everyone is doing everything they can to “go virtual” or “be mobile” and that applies to companies as well as individuals and organizations. In fact, companies are combining the two by investing in cloud computing technologies.

The cloud — which may be a close runner up for the word of the year — is cyberspace itself and more and more companies are locating their computer storage, processing and software programs in the cloud. This frees them from having to buy costly servers and storage space. It also cuts back on the costs of installing and upgrading individual software applications to each computer. All this also means that they no longer need to maintain large server rooms and IT staffs to keep everything in working order. Instead they rely on cloud collaboration enterprises for the products, upgrades and maintenance of their computing needs.

With all their computing infrastructure located in virtual space , companies are able to offer unprecedented flexibility to their employees. Anyone with the proper logins and passwords can access company servers, databases, and software using a laptop, netbook or even smart phone — depending on the processing speeds and memory required. Employees can work from home or on the road without losing access to a single file, program, or piece of data that would be available to them in the office. Virtual computing makes mobile work so much easier.

Feb 22

These days it seems that many of the people you talk to, have their creditors or lenders on speed dial. It is a sign of the times and the economic situation in many countries around the world. A creditor is simply the one to refer to when it is necessary to take out a loan. Payday loans are becoming more popular as they are approved rather quickly either online or over the telephone, and the money is deposited into the borrowers checking account, in most cases, within twenty four hours. This is very convenient for the times that are not so convenient, such as the hot water heater exploding or an unexpected visit to the doctor’s office, a few days before payday.

For the last few years, many people have found it necessary to borrow money in order to provide themselves and their families with the basic essentials of life. And as history has proven, when there is a need, there will be a supply. The United States government found it necessary to step in, and to make laws, regulations, and policies to protect the ordinary citizen from being taken advantage of. This is what is known now, as the Truth in Lending Act. This applies not only to lenders, but to the credit card companies as well. When considering taking out a payday loan, be certain that the company or the lender you are dealing with is reputable and has consented to the policies of transparency, or in other words, are simple telling you the complete and honest truth.

In order ensure this, the borrower must be well informed. They must make certain that there are no hidden fees or costs and they must look for the loan with the lowest interest rate. Payday loans help. They provide quick solutions to immediate financial problems or challenges. In order to become fully aware of one’s options, one source of information is not enough. It is best to check online for reviews provided by previous customers, as well as to thoroughly investigate the reports provided by the government and by the Better Business Bureau. The payday loans will ensure that your immediate circumstances will be rectified, giving you many more options to continue planning for your future .

Jan 27

One of the things that I absolutely love about downtown Glendale is all of the antique and specialty shops. It feels like you ‚ „ ve stepped back to a time where people strolled along the street enjoying the day just window shopping along the way rather than being crammed into a giant building where you can hardly hear because the noise and people are so loud and all the stores care about is whether you buy something. On top of that you know you can always find some unique hand-made treasure that you know you will never find anyplace else.
If opening a store is your calling and a calm relaxing experience is what you desire for your customers, than what you need is a specialty shop. One of the first steps to creating your own specialty shop is deciding what types of products you will sell. Your best bet is to come up with something unique but not too off the wall that no one would ever shop there. Once you have a business plan in hand you can begin to look for a location.
They always say the key to real-estate is location, location, location. This is especially true of specialty shops. The area you choose can really make or break your business. Transglobe property management can help you find commercial property to rent in area that will help your business to succeed. With diversity of properties that Transglobe property management has available you are sure to find the ideal location in time.
Opening day is very important for any business. The key to having a successful opening is advertising. While staying within your budget is important, you can’t do too much advertising. Offer, and advertise, special deals and coupons to help entice customers in.
Once your shop in up and running, you will be another part of keeping our history alive and reminding us of the past.

Jan 21

Lady Gaga might have a good Poker Face but it probably would be no match for the Las Vegas Law casinos throw down in the city of sin. Many singers have come and gone through the city, some only as novelty acts that lasted a few months with whatever smoke and mirrors they brought with them and their entourage, others as stupendously successful acts that lasted for months and even years with all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood clotted into just a solitary theatre on the strip. Celine Dion and Bette Midler are a few of the artists who rolled the die and had it come out in their favor show after show after show.

However, it is a different kind of show back stage where an acquaintance of mine works. Though I only work in the casinos as a card grunt, shuffling cards in complicated patterns and tricky combinations to distract the losing patrons from packing up leaving with the rest of their money, the amateur magician in me sees something kind of magical in the things this guy does back stage.

His name is Antoine. He is French and comes from a long line of French entertainers. He is so entertaining that I have hard time telling the difference from the reality of his past the lovely lies he tells to fill in the gaps and crevices in between his stories. Those fill-ins are usually only there because he wants to cover up the uglier part so his story that he doesn’t want me to hear. Like about his mother died when he was ten. He claimed it was in a trapeze accident where when she flew up in the air, she could not stop falling up. I knew the truth was probably that she could not stop falling down.

He is not just a magician in his story telling art. He also knows how to make a stage shine. He helps to light the stage in reds and yellows and blues in the same bright hues of the Bicycle playing cards that we use at the tables. He knows how to make a shimmer appear across the stage at the right time so it appears as if the light is sighing with the audience. Perhaps most importantly he knows how to read an audience knows what to give them. I know that’s why the story about his mother’s death has ten different versions.

Dec 4

The Multiculturalism Act is just one bit of evidence that Canada is a progressive country.  There are many people moving to the country each and every day, in search of better living and working conditions, and the country is becoming a mix of various races and cultures.  Most of the people moving to the cities are self employed and not only do they need a place to live, they need to find work spaces as well, which is where TransGlobe Property Management steps in.

The level of customer service and care is unbeatable, and the staff go out of their way to make new tenants feel comfortable.  With more than fifteen years of experience the team will find the property that is just right for you, one that is well maintained and suitable to your needs.  Each of the Canadian cities are experiencing tremendous growth as a result of this immigration, and for those who are not self employed, finding a job is relative to your skill level.  The one thing to take note of is the certification levels for certain jobs, as they may differ in Canada creating the need for you to further your studies in order to be viable in the work force.

The cities of this country are metropolitan, however there are many opportunities to get out and enjoy and explore nature.  And should you think of immigrating from the United States, don’t worry as most likely you will never be too far from home.  Most of the cities in Canada sit within one hundred miles of the US border, giving you much opportunity to ease a bit of the home sickness.  TransGlobe Property Management,  however, will make you feel right at home, whether you are renting work space or living quarters, so know that although your own home town may seem far away, your new home town will welcome you with open arms.

Nov 16

Corporate team building programs are most effective when the activities or the exercises are coordinated with actual work issues and goals.  This integration, when focused, systematic and followed up on, will ensure that the topics to be discussed will remain with everyone once the meeting is over.  The leaders of the programs must have a clear idea of what will be happening, an organized plan, before the meeting starts.

Without the attention to detail and to integrations these training sessions may serve to boost the morale and the enthusiasm of the employees for a short while, but they will not have the long lasting effects that are so desirable.  The planning of this kind of business training, should leave people feeling good, about themselves, their jobs, and their fellow employees.  Everyone will have a chance to know one another just a bit more, and give them common experiences to draw upon later.  What will result will be a true team of people that trust each other and care about one another.  It is much better to work in the team environment, than to not.  That is just an obvious fact.

These team building meetings must always focus on the staff as a whole unit, and should not be in anyway focused on the efforts or the goals of the individual, other than how they relate to the team.  Criticism from management, or employees that are unhappy can take all the energy, all of the momentum away from the goals of the company.  This will serve to lower productivity, which is exactly the result one is not hoping for.  Follow up meetings or activities are important because they serve to continue the good, the good of the employee and the good of the company.  They reinforce trust and reinforce the goals of the company as one successful team.