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The things that haunt people in their dreams can be very revealing about the deeper layers of the unconscious.  There are some symbols that can stand for deeply buried notions, forgotten ideas, and untriggered memories.  At times these can be the keys that unlock the door to a major breakthrough in dynamic psychological transformations.  And sometimes, as Freud supposedly has said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

This can absolutely apply to some dreams where there seems to be a very literal interpretation at hand.  If someone is sick, and dreaming about doing the chores they usually do but are unable, then there may be no hidden meaning here at all.  At least, none that needs immediate psychic attention.  It could very well be that the dream is just the mind wanting to do the tasks it usually does, and since it’s unable to do them during the day, it happens at night.  Habit is a very big part of the unconscious, because that particular image machine seems to like repetition, just as much as the waking consciousness does.


This is always a good place to start when wondering about repetitive and obsessive dreams about money.  Recurring dreams do speak of a preoccupation of some kind, and sometimes they are trying to get one’s attention.  Sometimes the hidden message is right on the surface, however.  If one is dreaming over and over about money concerns, and about going to websites like www.MoneyMutualTV.com, then the message here can be quite literal.  There is worry about money, and the mind is offering its own solution.


Dreams about money or banks can definitely have more obscure meanings.  But they are usually related to the same kinds of issues that can be resolved in a very literal way.  If they play out every night as if it were a list of the same complaints one is telling oneself during the waking hours, then it’s simply a matter of taking an action of some kind.  Doing something proactive during the waking hours to take financial pressure off will eventually make the dreams go away.  Even in the most difficult of circumstances, small actions are the key to making a situation better.  Helplessness is always a way of making the obsessive part of the persona come to life.


What is particularly interesting about money dreams, however, is that there is a symbolism that plays very well into the language of the unconscious.  Money is already a symbol for something else.  The dollar bill is a note that used to represent gold, and now the gold it represents is symbolic.  So there is a rich and complex language being spoken in dreams about money.  They are quite ethereal, and while they certainly can be references to issues of security and social status, chances are also very high that these meanings are also there in the waking mind.

Nov 29

It’s not always a question of easy equation between symbol and metaphor when it comes to dream interpretation.  There are plenty of sources that will begin with the assumption that people all over the world dream in a kind of a common language, but if there are any linguistic bases to dreams, then the universal interpretations need to be held at arm’s length.  If the subconscious does speak its own language, it would be entirely reasonable to believe that it does so utilizing all the resources languages use, and this is a combination of image and sound (and occasionally, both).  For any belief to enter into that realm where reason and creed to co-exist, there needs to be a healthy combination of scientific method and spiritual tradition.  Dreams do tend to speak to both the intellectual and the spiritual part of the dreamer, after all, and any meaningful interpretation would need to be able to cross over into both realms.


Linda Schele has been held responsible for cracking the Mayan Code, at least in some academic circles, and her theory was one that has some exciting resonances in dream theory.  Researchers, anthropologists, and linguists have been wondering and arguing about the Mayan symbols.  Part of a stream of living culture, the contemporary Mayan people, separated from their past through a complex process of colonization, speak dozens of languages that seem to have some root connections to the hieroglyphs on the walls of pyramids.  There also seem to be some connections between visual iconographies across time in the changing culture.  It was baffling to try to determine whether or not the images, then, were representations of symbols that had direct meanings, or whether or not the symbols pointed to words that could be put together to create the intended meanings.  As it turns out, at least for Schele, it was both.  Word and image blend together, and the symbols contain extremely complicated puns, double meanings, and even jokes that could only be understood by the masters of the language.

Dreams, then, if they have a complexity that is equal to language, or possibly entirely related to it, would also contain multiple hidden meanings.  The subconscious  playing games with itself, and occasionally saying too much in the game-playing.  There is a level of commerce in dream interpretation that has kept some fortune-tellers in business for some time now, and if this theory holds, and develops, then it’s possible, and certainly very useful, to begin interpreting dreams according to both symbolism and language simultaneously, and start to connect the meanings to bigger pictures.


Sep 11

Dream interpretation is something that has been around in the popular consciousness for a very long time.  There are some who say it’s a skill, even a science, and others who would put it more firmly in the realm of art.  Others still would hold that it has no use whatsoever, that it’s all based on superstition and magical thinking.  Whatever truths any of these views might hold, there is undoubtedly a strong pull that comes to everyone when they have a dream that’s hard to forget.


Windows in dreams are very common, and have been a symbol that repeats over time and across cultures.  Anyone living in an area where there are windows will likely have a dream with windows in them at some point in their life.  Windows here can be a very broad definition, from looking out of a hole in a cave, or dreaming about being locked in the NextDayBlinds Rockville MD showroom after hours.  Interpretations of either dream can be widely varied.  For people who are looking into dream interpretation for the very first time, there is often a mistaken notion that symbols have set meanings.  But anyone who has spent time looking into the nature of the unconscious begins to understand that meanings do change across cultures.


The most common understanding of window dreams involves seeing the house as a metaphor for the body.  Usually the window is connected to the eyes of the dreamer, because the eyes are considered to be the mirrors to the soul.  Here, looking through, or being surrounded by Rockville Next Day Blinds would suggest a shift in perspective, or that the dreamer is learning how to see things in a new way, blocking out things that are unnecessary, or opening up to see more pleasant surprises just around the corner.


Windows can also have connections to issues of vulnerability.  Like a door, a window allows other people to glimpse inside, and can also allow a passage, or an escape.  And like a door, a window does allow travel in both directions.  They can also relate to clarity, and in contemporary culture this is a likely interpretation, because of the common attitudes toward cleanliness in general.  There are, however, many more possible interpretations, and these all depend on the other details of the dream, and certainly the details in the dreamer’s life at the moment.  At the end of the day, windows are as mysterious as people are, and shades and blinds in dreams, just like in the waking world, serve to enhance their charm and mystery.

Sep 2

The subject of dream interpretation continues to captivate people from all walks of life. With such a compelling focus on the external reality of the world and commercialized importance on the awake, conscious aspects of life, it is slightly curious that so much attention continues to be placed on the subject of dreams, including their significance and meaning. Of course there are few different perspectives applied to the interest in dreams. Scientists study them for biological relevance as well as possible psychological significance. Psychologists study them for possible insights into the human mind and spirit. And individuals study dreams because undoubtedly, humans are fascinated by themselves and while in some it might be a grandiose search for attention tools, while others are continually searching to better understand themselves, their world and the overall meaning of life. And just as our eyes seem to be the window to our souls, dreams seem to be the message. Coupon codes for Next Day Blinds are excellent for re-furbishing your home, how do we unlock the secret to ourselves?

Sweet Home Under White Clouds By Jose Moraes

So, do dreams hold the key? Many people think so and believe that tap directly into not only our own unconsciousness but the collective consciousness of the human species. Carl Jung was an influential Swiss psychiatrist who initiated a tremendous impact on dream interpretation and symbolic associations. He was one of the original pioneers in collective consciousness thinking and his theories remain extremely influential and profound today. The Myers-Briggs psychometric tool is just one example of a contemporary psychological instrument that was directly influenced by and developed from Jung’s work. Much of Jung’s theories are heavily based in mythological archetypes, which he believes for standard psychological symbolic archetypes.


One of the areas in dream interpretation that Jung differed from some popular perspectives is that he strongly believed that a dream’s meaning was specific to the individual, though the symbology could be related to archetypal associations. Meanwhile, there are other dream interpretation theories that believe certain elements in dreams always mean the same or a variation of similar meanings. For instance, dreaming about a cat can represent independence in the dreamer and the specifics of the dream and situation with the cat can influence the interpretation. A sick or injured cat might signify and aspect of life one has overlooked. Dreaming of flying is one of the favorite dreams for most people. And for good reason. A common interpretation of flying represents a sense of freedom and transcendence from one’s physical and emotional issues. It’s much easier to re-design your home with Next Day Blinds than it is to interpret your dreams, though both will make an impact on your happiness and well being.

Mar 2

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten in my life came from my Grandmother. I was in a situation that I was not sure how to deal with, and I was a bit stressed out, when she told me over the phone, to “just breath” . This was not coming from a woman who spent time in yoga classes, her advice pre-dates the yoga craze, peaceful speak. This was advice from a woman who had lived a life, and who knew how it felt to be overwhelmed by that life from time to time.

My situation was that I need to find a new place to live . And moving can be stressful enough on it’s own, but I was dealing with the fact that my beloved dog had just died, I was splitting up with my boyfriend, and my move was not simply to a
new apartment , it was a cross county move to be made in a Chevy Blazer with 200,000 miles on the odometer. Moving during the best of times is stressful, and when major life changes are occurring, that stress can add up. when you move because you have to move, it is a completely different experience from the one in which you move because you want to move. At this time it is best to take note of just what you really need to bring with you.

I looked through my things, and gave away those which I hadn’t used in the past year. This cut down the load for my Blazer quite a bit. I called my grandmother a few times while I was packing, just to hear her voice and to consider the various things that I thought I “needed”. Turns out though, in the end all I did really need to do, was just breath, like she said. I drove the Chevy across the country, from Chicago to Phoenix, and I made in one piece, breathing the entire way.

Dec 4

The Multiculturalism Act is just one bit of evidence that Canada is a progressive country.  There are many people moving to the country each and every day, in search of better living and working conditions, and the country is becoming a mix of various races and cultures.  Most of the people moving to the cities are self employed and not only do they need a place to live, they need to find work spaces as well, which is where TransGlobe Property Management steps in.

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The cities of this country are metropolitan, however there are many opportunities to get out and enjoy and explore nature.  And should you think of immigrating from the United States, don’t worry as most likely you will never be too far from home.  Most of the cities in Canada sit within one hundred miles of the US border, giving you much opportunity to ease a bit of the home sickness.  TransGlobe Property Management,  however, will make you feel right at home, whether you are renting work space or living quarters, so know that although your own home town may seem far away, your new home town will welcome you with open arms.