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Math Dreams
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The power of the subconscious mind has rarely been questioned, and its mysteries seem to just get deeper.  Over a century after the raw beginnings of psychoanalysis, the purpose of dreams is still very much a contested issue.  People can dream about giving a speech in their underwear, running in slow motion, or doing math problems, and they all can have radically different interpretations. The interpretations are sometimes more telling of the inner life of the interpreter than with the dreamer.  Sometimes dreams can have symbols that speak to an inner life, and occasionally they will be prescriptive, and even prophetic.


Schools of thought on this issue tend to categorize people into two types, analytical and intuitive, and dreams can be seen as extensions of the creative mind or residue of a busy thinker.  One might think that math dreams would fall easily into the rational.  Numbers would rarely mean anything more than what they are, and a dream would be illustrative of the dreamer’s preoccupations with math, and the numbers often go into dead zones that mean very little.  But they can also occasionally be urgent messages from the subconscious, speaking to the dreamer in their native language. Interestingly, when it comes to the idea of dreaming in relation to logical and creative arguments, mathematics can live very comfortably in both regions of the brain.


It doesn’t matter whether someone goes to sleep after spending hours on sat prep, or if they are falling in love with someone new.  Mathematical minds are somehow programmed to see things in a peculiar way.  However, it is interesting to note that even the analytical part of the subconscious has some rather clever tricks up its sleeve.


One of the most accomplished mathematicians of the 19th century, Srinivasa Aiyangar Ramanujan, had a very peculiar relationship to his dreams.  It is not uncommon to dream about math, and it’s also not uncommon to have peculiar insights in dreams, but rarely do they collide with such marvelous force.  Ramanujan had regular visitations from a goddess named Sri Namagiri Lakshmi of Namakkal, who not only sparked his imagination, but provided him with formulas.  He would write these down immediately upon awakening, and later investigate to discover if they had validity.  They did.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that helping one’s children do math games before they go to sleep will bring about the appearance of a muse of numbers.  But it’s impossible to rule it out.  Stranger things have certainly happened.

Nov 3

Quality sleep is an essential part of our overall well being and health. Meanwhile, and what most people don’t realize is that our dream life can also affect our overall well being and daily functioning. Some people continue to swear that they don’t dream, though everyone does, and the REM phase of sleep is a fundamental nightly activity. We don’t always remember our dreams, and some people never do, though they are a constant part of our closed eyes hours. An if only we could remember, right down and analyze our dreams on a regular basis, we might be surprised at how much our lives improve and how our individual evolution as humans is enhanced.

This is because, and according to most theories, dreams are manifestations of our life experiences. They are processed through the subconscious and usually articulated through abstract expressions. This means that we can decode them in our waking lives and frequently gain insights into the way our brains are processing live experiences. And if we pay close enough attention to what they are telling us, we can even use them to change behaviors, beliefs and the quality of our lives. The actual literal meaning behind dreams and their relevance to our daily lives continues to be a topic of professional, and amateur, debate, though individuals who have analyzed, or had them analyzed, their dreams testify to the enormous benefit they derive.

There are numerous qualified professionals that can help to understand your own dreaming patterns and learn to interpret them and apply them to situations in your own life and aspects of your personality. Because they are abstract manifestations from our subconscious, the dreams themselves are highly symbolic and most often the symbol itself is specific to the dreamer. However, there are some consistent threads among cultures that will lead to similar associations of standard dream elements for many people. However, it’s important to remember that they are your dreams, and their meaning is entirely significant to you alone. And sometimes the situations and features of your dreams are literal. If you find yourself continually dreaming about loan fees, there’s a good chance you’re under a lot of financial stress. And while the exact details might be specific to you, the overall concern can be applied to many dreams. If you’re one of the individuals who doesn’t believe they dream, the next time you see a tv commercial, you might have a sudden flash back to the dream from last night.

Sep 2

The subject of dream interpretation continues to captivate people from all walks of life. With such a compelling focus on the external reality of the world and commercialized importance on the awake, conscious aspects of life, it is slightly curious that so much attention continues to be placed on the subject of dreams, including their significance and meaning. Of course there are few different perspectives applied to the interest in dreams. Scientists study them for biological relevance as well as possible psychological significance. Psychologists study them for possible insights into the human mind and spirit. And individuals study dreams because undoubtedly, humans are fascinated by themselves and while in some it might be a grandiose search for attention tools, while others are continually searching to better understand themselves, their world and the overall meaning of life. And just as our eyes seem to be the window to our souls, dreams seem to be the message. Coupon codes for Next Day Blinds are excellent for re-furbishing your home, how do we unlock the secret to ourselves?

Sweet Home Under White Clouds By Jose Moraes

So, do dreams hold the key? Many people think so and believe that tap directly into not only our own unconsciousness but the collective consciousness of the human species. Carl Jung was an influential Swiss psychiatrist who initiated a tremendous impact on dream interpretation and symbolic associations. He was one of the original pioneers in collective consciousness thinking and his theories remain extremely influential and profound today. The Myers-Briggs psychometric tool is just one example of a contemporary psychological instrument that was directly influenced by and developed from Jung’s work. Much of Jung’s theories are heavily based in mythological archetypes, which he believes for standard psychological symbolic archetypes.


One of the areas in dream interpretation that Jung differed from some popular perspectives is that he strongly believed that a dream’s meaning was specific to the individual, though the symbology could be related to archetypal associations. Meanwhile, there are other dream interpretation theories that believe certain elements in dreams always mean the same or a variation of similar meanings. For instance, dreaming about a cat can represent independence in the dreamer and the specifics of the dream and situation with the cat can influence the interpretation. A sick or injured cat might signify and aspect of life one has overlooked. Dreaming of flying is one of the favorite dreams for most people. And for good reason. A common interpretation of flying represents a sense of freedom and transcendence from one’s physical and emotional issues. It’s much easier to re-design your home with Next Day Blinds than it is to interpret your dreams, though both will make an impact on your happiness and well being.

Mar 2

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten in my life came from my Grandmother. I was in a situation that I was not sure how to deal with, and I was a bit stressed out, when she told me over the phone, to “just breath” . This was not coming from a woman who spent time in yoga classes, her advice pre-dates the yoga craze, peaceful speak. This was advice from a woman who had lived a life, and who knew how it felt to be overwhelmed by that life from time to time.

My situation was that I need to find a new place to live . And moving can be stressful enough on it’s own, but I was dealing with the fact that my beloved dog had just died, I was splitting up with my boyfriend, and my move was not simply to a
new apartment , it was a cross county move to be made in a Chevy Blazer with 200,000 miles on the odometer. Moving during the best of times is stressful, and when major life changes are occurring, that stress can add up. when you move because you have to move, it is a completely different experience from the one in which you move because you want to move. At this time it is best to take note of just what you really need to bring with you.

I looked through my things, and gave away those which I hadn’t used in the past year. This cut down the load for my Blazer quite a bit. I called my grandmother a few times while I was packing, just to hear her voice and to consider the various things that I thought I “needed”. Turns out though, in the end all I did really need to do, was just breath, like she said. I drove the Chevy across the country, from Chicago to Phoenix, and I made in one piece, breathing the entire way.

Jan 21

Lady Gaga might have a good Poker Face but it probably would be no match for the Las Vegas Law casinos throw down in the city of sin. Many singers have come and gone through the city, some only as novelty acts that lasted a few months with whatever smoke and mirrors they brought with them and their entourage, others as stupendously successful acts that lasted for months and even years with all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood clotted into just a solitary theatre on the strip. Celine Dion and Bette Midler are a few of the artists who rolled the die and had it come out in their favor show after show after show.

However, it is a different kind of show back stage where an acquaintance of mine works. Though I only work in the casinos as a card grunt, shuffling cards in complicated patterns and tricky combinations to distract the losing patrons from packing up leaving with the rest of their money, the amateur magician in me sees something kind of magical in the things this guy does back stage.

His name is Antoine. He is French and comes from a long line of French entertainers. He is so entertaining that I have hard time telling the difference from the reality of his past the lovely lies he tells to fill in the gaps and crevices in between his stories. Those fill-ins are usually only there because he wants to cover up the uglier part so his story that he doesn’t want me to hear. Like about his mother died when he was ten. He claimed it was in a trapeze accident where when she flew up in the air, she could not stop falling up. I knew the truth was probably that she could not stop falling down.

He is not just a magician in his story telling art. He also knows how to make a stage shine. He helps to light the stage in reds and yellows and blues in the same bright hues of the Bicycle playing cards that we use at the tables. He knows how to make a shimmer appear across the stage at the right time so it appears as if the light is sighing with the audience. Perhaps most importantly he knows how to read an audience knows what to give them. I know that’s why the story about his mother’s death has ten different versions.