Apr 19

Real estate is all about location, which can make finding new offices a chore. Finding the perfect New York office space that meets all the needs of the company, including being in the right neighborhood and falling in the right price range, can be a massive undertaking.

A good way to start is to actually canvass the targeted neighborhood to see which buildings have space available. In many cases, being able to contact the owner of the space directly will lead to a better price than going through an agency. However, real estate agents are going to be able to draw from a much larger pool of listings and weed out those that don’t fit a company’s needs, saving them lots of time and effort.

Newspaper listings, online real estate listings, and even web classified ads are all good sources for seeing what’s available. Again, look for ads and listings that are placed by the landlord as they will be more open to negotiation since they aren’t paying commissions to an agent. A final option is to ask friends, family members, and professional colleagues for leads on rental office space. This is one of those ways in which good networking skills can pay off in unexpected ways.

Mar 24

When it is time to start looking for a house many people take a considerable amount of time choosing their real estate agent. They know that this individual will be entrusted with helping them find the right property and they may interview several different agents in order to find the right match. There are, however, several other individuals involved with the home buying process and, unfortunately, most people don’t take the same care in choosing them as with the search for a real estate agent .

The loan officer that handles the mortgage is just as important to a successful home purchase as the real estate agent. This individual will be responsible for guiding homeowners to the right mortgage product and helping them qualify for the best possible terms. Unfortunately, most people simply go with whatever mortgage broker their agent uses or the loan officer that is assigned to them by their lending institution. This usually works out okay for them, but the recent mortgage crisis was due in part to a number of loan officers and lenders pushing deals on clients that were at best unfair and at worst illegal.

Home buyers should at the very least verify the licensing status of any mortgage officer before working with them. Most states maintain a register of mortgage licenses and there is now a federal registry of the same. To obtain a license, officers are expected to pass background checks and complete Mortgage Loan Officer Training that includes a solid grounding in mortgage law as well as information on fair lending practices. Any officer who has a license in good standing with their state has met the minimum requirements and is much less likely to defraud or swindle the home buyer.